Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Another Day

What does it mean when one would rather do (business) work or school work over doing what they are most passionate about. What I'm describing could just be the proverbial rut. Some could also pose that I'm maturing. I learned a long time ago when I had to put down the toys and be a big boy. It's like I can't play one note, snap one picture or write one rhyme. I hate this state of absolute shit. There's no better way to put it- when u feel like it and constantly don't give one. Absolutely everything today was prepared, contrived and pre-packaged. I'm getting a bit more than annoyed with all the crap in this town and society. It seems the idiots have taken over every possible position requiring thought,-- something they desperately need to learn how to do. Oh well, just another night and another morning and so on and so on.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Day

Got new software for publishing my blogs straight from my desktop. Gotta love the Macintosh- I can tag and make a library of 'em for crazy time cutting features that will get your blog noticed. My problem is, my Blog lacks anything really interesting or useful. Reminds me of George Carlin,"Yeah I gotta lot of good ideas. Problem is, most of em suck!" It's kinda my soap box or little rant. If anything I want you to read this blog and say to yourself,"Wow, I just wasted 5 minutes of my life and I will never get it back." It'll make you realize the importance of life. So if anything I'm here to remind you that life is important and reading my blog may irk you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Warm Boxers n' Jeans

 I commented on FaceBook that warm boxers and jeans (straight from the Maytag) made my day.  More of a statement of jest, I think to the larger and more profound meaning- what defines the "little things" that make or break a person's day.  My best guess is personality type rules much of the judgement calls made by individuals.  I'm a worrier.  Consequently I can let the little things get to me, yet I have "this too shall pass" tattooed on my wrist.  It a good reminder and lately I've been doing that, just letting the bad things pass.  Sadly, I have not embraced the good things as much as I should because those things too will pass in time.  Music helps, working out, long boarding... but they all seem to be distractions covering up something that is profoundly unsettling.  Something that exists deep down inside that is bugging the ever living hell out of me- I just cannot figure it out.  Perhaps that harsh view is true but also consider life maybe be as topical and shallow as it seems and all of our crises, drama and general bullshit doesn't mean jack in the larger scheme of things.  So the only rational outcome I can provide is one of taking ease and comfort in doing the right thing, go with your gut and hang onto things and people- just don't hang on for too long or too hard.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Objectivity In Media - Weapons of Mass Distraction

It's bad enough when one fears turning on the news- all the doom and gloom broken up by commercials that sell you wares you will most likely never need- but now I'm at a point of total disgust.   Aside from breaking this down from a communication theory standpoint (which I will do in a following post) I feel the media is making this country sick.  I'm not sure if its a disease or just a malady that can be cured, but the rate at which we are traveling into the dimension of total willful ignorance is increasing tenfold everyday.  From FOX to NBC nothing but shit spews from my idiot box nightly.  Are we, as citizens and consumers if this media, supposed to lay back and take what is said wholesale?  &*$# NO!  But that's where the problem begins- we are eager and ignorant consumers of information, most of which has been hand picked, groomed and manufactured to make us think or buy certain things.  The American public is becoming a pack of lemmings, marching one by one off the cliff and into the sea without any reservations or fear of the current path.   Wake up people, not all news is bad- not all news is good.  Just take a moment to look past a single story and examine as a whole what the hell these people are trying to "sell" us.  What is on their agenda?  Control, biased and unforgiving control.  This is taking away our free-minds, diminishing our citizenships and showing the youth nothing but bad examples of how to live life.  How much crap can one consume before he belches it back up.  It seems some people can go one forever doing this.  I hope anyone that reads this refuses to be, any longer, controlled by the system of so-called "news".  Yes, take what you need from it but forget the rest- it will serve you better in time.  Cross reference information, check out the "spin" on a story from several different agencies, even the ones you may not be fond of.  Do it or die is all I have to say.  The world is changing and our concept of self-education and amelioration through mass media is severely skewed.  Don't submit to dehumanization at the hands of Rupert Murdoch or any of the "pimps of mass media".  Do inquire, demand the truth when you find lies and most important teach the youth not to make the same mistakes we are making right now.