Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad Religion on a Sunday Morning

Ironic title for a Sunday morning but then again isn't life just chock full of little coincidences, mishaps and the like.  I suppose that is what makes life so interesting.  Furthermore, it's the little things, not the "biggins",  that really make or break your day.  Personally, I have the propensity to ruminate on the little nitty gritty crap.  After 28 years of stress, I've realized one has just a single option to avoid going nuts.  Cut the strands connecting you to the drama or stress- be it people, groups, ideology or things.  Once a person is able to walk away from it all, just leave and never come back, that is when someone is truly free.  One doesn't actually have to pick up and leave but they must possess the mindset of being able to forsake all things in life, be it love or objects, then that person is truly free.  It's tantamount to rock climbing and cutting your main line 500 feet above the ground.  Scary, but oh so refreshing.  Living in fear, addiction or mental unrest is not living, it's barely getting by and I  put forth with confidence the assertion that the quality of life is poor under those conditions.  That extends from the richest person sipping champagne to the homeless veteran completely forgotten by his country.   So what's the point of this rant?  Good damn question!  If anything, take from this sage advice: don't ever be afraid to walk away from the things that bind you to this material earth.  Don't fear walking away from the things that bring you down, the things that do not ameliorate your position on this planet.  Some shit you can't change, so there's no use beating your head against the wall about it.  Just live and know anything and everything can change at a moment's notice and what you hold onto may or may not allow you to adjust to those changes. 

 "So it be, so it is."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Daze

I was on the brink of outright madness.  A man pushed to the edge- an animal backed into a corner.  Ready to.....okay so my fiction writing needs help but that was a memorable start.  I stayed in, got a lot of TDL stuff accomplished.  Though I already have a sizable list and it has only been a week or so.  X-Box was my friend and I have a full set-up to practice, play and record in my apartment.  I played a lot of bass, but played even more drums.  It is a digital set so the annoyance level is very low compared to an acoustic set.  I walked up to the tattoo shop I intern at.  I am finishing up a piece in several stages of healing.  Not much more then that happened.  I found out I may or may not stay with my record label- I know it makes no sense but that's how it feels when it comes to dealing with these soul-sucking corporate jerks.  I swear, after today I could just put down my bass and never play again and be content.  Then I promptly smack myself! No way would I ever put my bass down unless it was made a crime.  It seem the folks at ****/*** are trying to make it such.  Well I have two words to say.  See-Ya!   Yeah, being trapped and dealing with business is a nightmare.  Especially so when it's creative or unique.  Lesson Learned.